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Oakley Frogskins - Heritage Collection

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Back in 1984, when Oakley was just a garage-based operation, the brand introduced three new innovative sunglass designs, inspired by professional cyclist's needs for glare-free, functional, yet stylish eyewear. At the time, the flagship model was the Eyeshade, which looks like it was taken from snow goggles, followed by the Razer Blade and the lifestyle-bread Frogskin. Now, over 30 years later, Oakley takes us back to their roots with a look at their Heritage Collection. Still turning as many heads and changing as many minds as they were back then, the Frogskin member of that trio sees a reissue with a few modern design updates, mainly in the lens material and in three new colorways. Just as in the '80's and '90's if you were out at the beach anywhere in the U.S. today, you'll probably see a few pairs of Frogskins, but only a select few will don a pair like these. Arriving now in limited numbers, find your local Oakley dealer to purchase or head to their online shop.