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Stussy x Baxter Candle

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As a refined, modern man, you can't be afraid to have a few appropriate accents in your home. Afterall, you never know when you need a soft lime and chamomile aroma to waft through the room to help create that special moment. Stussy x Baxter of California do their part for Spring 2014, offering up a limited edition black and gold candle that gives off a lime scent that mixes with a chamomile inflection for the appetizer followed by a main fragrance that can is described by the brands as a "woody, spicy blend of clove with notes of patchouli and cedarwood, which dries down to an amber and sweet vanilla accord." With a burn time of 60 hours, that is plenty of time for some special moments. And, when it's not lit, the soy wax candle holds its own in the golden case. The total package, this Stussy x Baxter Candle is available now online for $35 via Baxter.