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TAG Heuer Meridiist Infinite - Solar Charging Smartphone

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Let's face it, our world is getting more mobile, more compact, and our technology more self sufficient. TAG Heuer's latest device, first revealed at Baselworld 2014, may just be the latest and greatest incarnation of this trend. Dubbed the Meridiist Infinite, this isn't just any new smartphone; it is a smartphone with a pretty cool trick up its sleeve: photovoltaic charging. In other words, with its Wysips Crystal Technology, this device can recharge its battery when the phone is exposed to light - sunlight and artificial. The technology that allows it to work is placed between the phone's sapphire crystal glass and the LCD screen, which allows a layer of photovoltaic cells - that are invisible to the naked eye - to capture light rays and transfer them into power to the battery. Why this isn't in any other cell phone to-date is the next big question, but let's hope that this TAG Heuer model moves quickly into production.