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2015 Honda Fit Kit - Do-It-Yourself Car Building Pack

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According to hipster couple Caleb and Vanessa, the car of the future is finally here. No, it isn’t the all-electric Tesla Model S or the gravity defying Lamborghini Aventador. Instead, the two Los Angelians just received their very own 2015 Honda Fit Kit, via aerial drones. The perfect Do-It-Yourself car kit for any DIYer, the Hond Fit Kit comes with all the necessary instructions and 180,000 separate parts. In spirit of the growing handmade movement, customer will even get the chance to assemble the 6-speed transmission or build their i-VTEC engine from scratch. But a warning before you jump into it, the project can be overwhelming at times and finished project might not resemble a vehicle at all. Check out the introductory video to this amazing project for April Fools' Day.