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adidas Originals +0- Survivor Jacket

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While we hope you may never need it, this new +0- Survivor Jacket from adidas Originals is designed for maximum protection and durability when you find yourself in some dicey weather conditions. Constructed of 3-layer fabric, the Survivor Jacket is ready to pull triple duty protecting you from Mother Nature's best, securing it storm-finished soft cotton outer shell with a permanent bond to the moisture-wicking membrane, which not only allows the garmet to be both water-resistant and breathable, but to prevent wind from creeping in to steal your warmth. The outer layer of the jacket is also woven with a satin technique that deepens the rich navy color and provides a unique tactile feel to go with its subtle camo pattern. A full length zip with a snap-closure flap, zippered pockets, underarm vents, and an adjustable hood finish the design. Find the new +0- Survivor Jacket from adidas Originals now directly at END.

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