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Cheeteau - New Cheese-Scented Fragrance by Chester the Cheetah

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One of the funniest (and strangest) April Fools’ prank seen today came in the form of Cheeteau, a new fragrance by Chester, the smooth talking cheetah for CHEETOS cheese-flavored snacks. Specially formulated for those who wants to express their “pungent desire” and “fermented passion,” Cheeteau by Chester is sophisticated scent with a multitude of notes. With just one spritz and you will unleash the stingy stench of sharp cheddar cheese, a whiff of the oily snack and other oddly pleasant odors. While no one can accurately describe the cheesy scent, CHEETOS actually bottled it and made them available for free to unsuspecting New Yorkers and Los Angeleno this afternoon. The snack brand also allocated 100 bottles to be given away via Twitter contest. In the meantime, enjoy the Calvin Klein Obsession-inspired commercial after the jump.