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Chaos At Supreme x Nike Foamposite Campout

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A rumor a few months back called for a Supreme collaboration version of the popular Nike Foamposite sneaker. Many quickly turned down the idea as something Supreme would never do. We certainly didn't think so either. The early rumors called for the Supreme "Box Logo" across the the profile of the Foamposite, later rumors mentioned a version simply using "SUP" which was used on the collab Flyknit. When we finally saw a leaked sample, it is the version which is set to release on Thursday April 3rd which features an gold ornate print. The camp-out for this highly hyped and unique collaboration started early but earlier this afternoon, the crowd became too rowdy and the cops were called. We stopped by just after 6pm as the police quickly cleared the the street in front of Supreme and moved the crowd across the street. We left about 30 mins later but we'll keep an ear out on updates.