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MOS - Stylishly Simple Magnetic Cable & Wire Organizer

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It is a battle we all have to face on a daily basis - trying keep the various cables and wires at the ready on our desks. Unfortunately, because of their length differences, functions and other factors, they usually end up in a tangled mess right beneath you. Now with MOS, you’ll no longer need to deal with such a blight. Short for Magnetic Organization System, MOS is made from machined aluminum, anodized to prevent scratches. Capable of holding all the cables you need right before you, it even provides magnetized cable clips for those without enough metallic components. And thanks to its Micro-Suction tape, a non-stick high friction tape that acts like a microscopic suction cup, you even place MOS on the wall. Available in original Aluminum, Black, or White, you can get this tidy desk accessory at MOS’ website,, Apple Store, or crowd-sourcing retailers like REIGN23.