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Blackmagic Studio Camera


This time last year, we brought you a look at something quite extraordinary both in terms of size and price: the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. Essentially boiling down all of the capacity of a full-HD film camera down to a pocket-sized device, the Pocket Cinema camera introduced a new greenfield of opportunity to introduce more people to the world of high quality filming. In the same vein, Blackmagic has just released their full-size Studio Camera, which builds on the technological and size innovations of their smaller camera and brings them to the hands of professional production staff. Available in both Full HD and 4k (Ultra HD) models, the camera is designed for live broadcast applications and includes a massive 10" LCD screen, four built-in batteries, and other features like stock talkback and tally indicators. The camera is designed to be plug and play with a lot of different A/V inputs and output set-ups and comes with the ability to hold a wide range of lenses. To top it all off, the camera's settings can also be controlled via buttons on the LCD screen or on an associated app. Learn more about the Studio Camera and how to purchase one directly from the Blackmagic homepage.