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Nike+ Fuel Lab Launches in San Francisco

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Representing what Nike calls "the center of the evolving digital landscape for athletes worldwide," the Nike+ Fuel Lab has set up shop just north of Silicon Valley in San Francisco. The facility will continue the mission of the 2013 Nike+ Accelerator program, in part by driving Nike's digital services for athletes through the establishment of NikeFuel as the universal standard to measure movement. Expansion of the NikeFuel platform will involve partnerships with industry-leading companies like MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper and Strava, giving potentially 100 million new athletes a new way to monitor and evaluate their many forms of activity. Another significant partnership revolves around Apple, starting in 2006 when the two brands developed the Nike+ Running app. Subsequent apps for iOS including Nike+ FuelBand, Nike+ Training Club and Nike+ Move, which launched in Fall 2013. Go here for more info on the Nike+ Fuel Lab, and purchase the full suite of Nike+ products here.