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Jon Olsson - Drifting In Snow with 600-Horsepower Rebellion R2K Supercar

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A vehicle made only possible by extreme skier Jon Olsson’s imagination and Leif Tufvesson engineering know-hows, the Rebellion R2K supercar is a fully customized, one-of-one creation. Originally a Ultima GTR, Tufvesson, the former chief engineer at Koenigsegg, rebuilt the car to maximize its full potential. Though the 600+ horsepower engine was largely left untouched, Tufvesson added a Le Mans Prototype-style body kit, Ohlins suspension and massive ADV1 wheels. Intended to take part in Gumball 3000, the street-legal supercar features a carbon fiber monocoque cockpit with a few extra amenities like Alcantara appointments.

With this year’s Gumball 3000 fast approaching, Olsson is in preparation for his 3000 miles run from Miami to Ibiza. To work out all the kinks on the Rebellion R2K, Olsson even drifted uphill on the snowy slopes of Storlien, Sweden. Of course, there was a helicopter "chase plane" to capture the moment...