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PIGALLE x Nike Air Force 1 Collection | Release Info

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There's far more to the Pigalle x Nike Air Force 1 Collection than just a fresh pair of kicks. However, based on their first two teases, including a look at the sole of an AF1, you can understand our thinking. It turns out, as we previewed in our extensive look at all the pieces from the Swoosh and the old world-themed athletic brand, there's a lot of history and culture here, too. Oh, and apparel. The name of the brand was inspired by the rough neighborhood in Paris with a blue collar mentality and an eye for things that rely more on form than function. But, as the community has evolved so has the style under Stéphane Ashpool. Now we can get both a full look at all the pieces included in the collaboration - burnished leather-inspired AF1's, tanks, shorts, basketballs, and caps - but also exactly when they are going to hit: April 26. Continue after the click to see more of what you'll be purchasing as it's the best look we've had yet.

Release Date: April 26, 2014 (Saturday)