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Vermibus "Dissolving Europe"

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For the marketing firms behind extensive ad campaigns, you always hope to make an impact on the consumer; to be a buzz-worthy conversation piece that ultimately drives sales your way. However, throughout Europe, brands are quickly finding that their posters are becoming conversation pieces for a far different reason. As part of his larger street project, "Dissolving Europe," French artist Vermibus traveled around Europe mutilating ads with chemicals to give them a dark, morphed look. For each piece, he takes the poster back to his studio, brushes the models and brands with solvents to dissolve the paint before returning them back to the streets in different locations. Vermibus describes his project as a way to “temporally highjack the western world of advertisements in the name of fine art" using almost a "painting counter action." Find out more about his project in the video after the jump and also see some samples of his work. 

via designtaxi