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“Dragon Sword Fighter Force” - Game of Thrones-inspired LEGO MiniFigures by Citizen Brick

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Making a point in its disclaimer and for obvious reason, Citizen Brick reminds everyone that it does not sell LEGO products. Instead, its clever minifigures are modified designs done with re-purposed LEGO parts, much like a sneaker customizer. Yet, it is quite obvious what popular television series its “Dragon Sword Fighter Force” minifigures is based on. Here is a hint, one of the figures just got killed off during last week’s episode fans nicknamed the “Purple Wedding”. A total of four sets are available, each with three minifigures packaged in blister pack. Customers can purchase the Complete Series, which includes all 12 minifigures plus a bonus one named “Sir Typesalot”… Visit Citizen Brick’s online store for more information.