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BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept

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It's bold and it's certainly beautiful. It's also uber lux and taking the 2014 Beijing Auto Show by storm. Of course, we're talking about BMW's Vision Future Luxury Concept. Demonstrating just how far BMW can go on both the luxury and performance axes, the name of the concept tells the entire story of what the German automaker sees as the future of high-end sedans in the coming years. Packed with plenty of advanced tech in addition to a lightweight overall design and new lighting techniques, just a quick run-down of its highlights see 3D and heads-up displays, OLED tail lights, laser headlamps, and a "rear-seat command touch tablet." There's plenty of amp-up i8 styling mixed in with plenty of the future. See more of what BMW has whipped together for our future driving pleasure after the jump.

via WCF