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Autographer Wearable Camera

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People take pictures of their lunches. Their family trips to the amusement park. They even strap them to their helmets as they fly down the slopes. So, why not take a photos as you go about your daily action-packed routine? A new gadget, Autographer, steps-up in true James Bond fashion to silently snap away as you go about your day, busily doing "life-logging" on your behalf. While the technology certainly is advanced, its body is a little large, but that's because you're getting a 5-megapixel camera that also connects to an accelerometer, thermometer, and compass. It is even Bluetooth enabled so it can transfer shots wirelessly to a phone or computer as soon as they come in range. Its battery lasts about 10 hours ultimately leaving you with thousands of shots of your day. What you're going to do with all of them? That's up to you. Find it now at their online shop for $399.