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adidas Skateboarding - Skate Copa Decks | Detailed Look

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As a tribute to the sport of soccer and the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, adidas Skateboarding recreated its version with six of its team members. And by pairing them with their respective skate deck maker, adidas Skateboarding’s Skate Cope was born.

For France, there is adidas Skateboarding Lucas Skate Copa Deck by Lucas Puig and Cliché skateboard. the adidas Skateboarding Raul Skate Copa Deck represents Spain with help from Raul Navarro with Western Edition. In the unmistakable design inspired by the Germany National Football Team, Lem Villemin and Cliché created the adidas Skateboarding Lem Skate Copa Deck. Rodrigo Tx partnered with DGK to celebrate Brazil’s heritage on adidas Skateboarding Rodrigo Skate Copa Deck, while Benny Fairfax and Palace kept it simple with their adidas Skateboarding Benny Skate Copa Deck for UK. Last but not least, you will find the Red, White and Blue on Mark Gonzales and Krooked’s adidas Skateboarding Gonz Skate Copa Deck.

See each of the decks in detail after the click...


The Cliché and adidas Skateboarding Lem Skate Copa deck comes in 8.1" x 31.7" and is available at finer skateshops around the world.

"JB(Gillet) had his first pro model on Deca back in 1998 with the World Cup theme and we ran a Cliché World Cup pro series in 2006 which had great feedback. We also have a pro series by Marc McKee coming out in May based on the World Cup. This adidas Skate Copa multi brand collab is dope and we back it all the way." Al Boglio - Cliché

"Turning pro was unforgettable. It was such a big suprise- I was very happy to see the cliche crew, my family and all my best homies at the party! It is an honor to represent Cliche, adidas and Germany with my Skate Copa deck!" - Lem Villemin


The Cliche and adidas Skateboarding Lucas Skate Copa deck comes in an 8.2" x 31.7" and is available at finer skateshops around the world.

"The Skate Copa logo was based around "The Viva Cliché logo that we launched in 2004. The risen fist has always represented a rebellious mindset - to stand up and fight for what you believe is right. It made sense back in '04 for a small European skateboard company trying to exist in a world dominated by bigger Californian brands. The same stand up & fight team spirit would applies on a football field." Eric Frenay - Cliché

"I’m going to wear the #10 from Lucas because it’s two legends combined in one, Zidane and Lucas!" Jeremie Daclin - Cliché


The Krooked and adidas Skateboarding Gonz Skate Copa deck is an 8.125" x 32 " and can be found in select skate shops.

"With Mark's 15 year history with adidas, it makes sense to celebrate this relationship and collaborate on spécial products. It was obvious that we should use the eye on the collab crest as the eyes are part of the original logo that Mark drew for Krooked 10 years ago." Bram De Martelaere - Delux


The Western Edition and adidas Skateboarding Raul Skate Copa deck is available in three sizes : 7.75” x 31.75“ / 8” x 32” / 8.25” x 32.25” and can be found at essential core shops in the US and Worldwide.

"Adidas has rich history in both football and skateboarding respectively, so it makes sense to bring together these two major passions. I am probably biased because skateboarding and football are two things I really enjoy. I think it works really well in America as football is seen differently than in Europe. Here I think it is still a bit special and unique. It's not as ubiquitous as it is in Europe and the rest of the world. I think in the rest of the world it is viewed differently, more mainstream, so it might seem odd to them to mix it with something more "individualistic" or "anti-establishment" as skateboarding. I think that skateboarding and football, at their aesthetic best can be great examples of human form in motion as art." Ian Johnson - Western Edition


The DGK and adidas Skateboarding Rodrigo Skate Copa deck which comes in 8.06" x 31.5", has been produced in a limited batch of 300 for this collaboration and are available from skate shops world wide.

"The patch is an iconic symbol for an urban environment. We put a soccer twist on the classic imagery of shoes hanging on a wire." Brain Baker - DGK


The Palace and adidas Skateboarding Benny Skate Copa deck comes in 8.1" and will soon be available from selected skate shops.

"Loads of the guys that skate for Palace love football, and so do I! It's cool that Benny has his own special shirt based on the year that we (England) won the World Cup! Maybe we will win again this year!" Lev Tanju - Palace