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URWERK UR-105M "Iron Knight" and "Black Knight"

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Known for their innovative mechanics and innovative designs, URWERK is a brand whose reputation easily proceeds it. The brand's latest release, the UR-105M, which arrives in both a silver "Iron Knight," and a "Black Knight" edition, brings together the best of the URWERK's models, including the 210 and 103's iconic methods of indicating time. As usual, four orbiting and rotating satellites help display the time with the help of the control board accessed on the case back, which shows the power reserve, when the watch should be serviced, and other fine adjustments. The mechanisms are projected with a curved sapphire crystal cover that reveals much of the inner workings for the watch and emphasizes the hour and minute designations.  The ‘Iron Knight,’ with its titanium case and steel bezel, is available for CHF 58,000 and the ‘Black Knight’, with a titanium case and treated steel bezel, comes at a price of CHF 63’000 at retailers around the world.