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BULBING - Optical Illusion Versatile LED Lamp

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All great artists and designers are able to take the seemingly ordinary and make it amazing. BULBING, by Studio Cheha out of Isreal, is just another example of this principle; one where the traditional room lamp is transformed into a 3D optical illusion design object. Using LED light, BULBING can morph and change to suit any mood in any room while also providing a sleek and functional design piece made of a wooden base and acrylic glass. Using its integrated technology, the lamp is able to change among its 5 designs so you can select one to suit your mood, including balloons, a snowy mountain, a skull, and a traditional and a compact fluorescent light bulb that shines brightly even in sunlight. Energy efficient with a 50,000 plus life time and built not to overheat, BULBING is the perfect way to set your space apart. Currently seeking support on Kickstarter, head to their page to learn more and to lend a hand.