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Coca-Cola Happiness Arcade - Recycling bottles

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Big problems call for big solutions. So what do you do when a 15 million people need a little help learning the value of recycling? You do exactly what Coca-Cola has done with their new Happiness Arcade, which not only makes good business sense for the soda company, but also helps to make the environment that much more better for their efforts. Beginning with Dhaka, Bangladesh, Coke has just rolled out the first arcade machine that runs on empty bottles, which the machine collects to recycle in exchange for access at some classic-inspired and Coke-branded games, including Pong. In all, six have been placed in different parts of the city and in no time thousands of bottles were collected. The initiative was spear-headed by Grey Dhaka as part of Coke’s on-going “Where Will Happiness Strike Next” campaign. Learn more about the project and how the machine works in the video featured after the jump. Bravo Coca-Cola.

via gizmodo