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Petrolicious - "The Ferrari 250 GTO speaks for itself" | Video

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While contemporary Ferrari models seem to be all the rage with those who can afford them, true Ferrari enthusiasts admire and value the heritage models that built the brand's reputation. Take this 1964 250 GTO, for example: it is one of only 35 in existence worldwideand has a track record mightier than any current models. Petrolicious sat down with Derek Hill, son of Formula One champion Phil Hill, who tells us the magnificent history behind this particular vehicle. With his father behind the wheel, this car won races at Daytona Continental 2000km (its first ever race), Sebring 12 hour, Nassau TT, and other endurance races. In fact, turn the volume up all the way and hear the engine roar in the video, as it is enough proof that this '60s coupe is still a beast on the tarmac. For more stories on this Ferrari, click play on the embedded video underneath.