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VANS x Star Wars - 1980s’ Style Skate Contest with Chewbacca | Video

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With skateboard luminaries Tony Alva, Jeff Grosso and Steve Van Doren cheering on, Christian Hosoi just finished his run when a virtual unknown stepped into the bowl. Thus begins a skate showdown of intergalactic proportion…

Done in the likeness of a 1980s’ skate contest, this new commercial from VANS celebrates its recent collaboration with the Star Wars franchise. In addition to Alva, Grosso, Hosoi and others, riders Leila Hurst and Alex Knost from VANS Surf Team joined in the fun. Filmed at VANS Off the Wall Skatepark along Huntington Beach, CA, the ad focuses on a young Wookie Rookie (Steve Caballero in disguise) wicked style on the deck before receiving a mixed score and his subsequent angry outbursts. With cameos by Stormtroopers, a couple of Jawas, and Chewbacca himself, you can see the video at full-length after the click. In the meantime, the VANS x Star Wars Collection will be available in June.