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Founded in October 2010 by Stanford University graduates Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, Instagram’s meteoric rise not only set the bar higher for all other image-sharing services, both new and pre-existing. It also altered the way all of us take photos. Quipped with just a cellphone, anyone can become a paparazzo who captures a forbidden rendezvous between celebrities, a photojournalist documenting current events as they happen, or amateur portraitist with a penchant for cats. However, with over 100 million users worldwide, the popularity of Instagram is also its Achilles’ Heel. Even with the clever usage of hashtag, images are frequently “lost” against a torrent of trivial uploads and pretentious selfies. It is also the rational behind the creation of our new segment “Insta Profile”, where we filtered out some of the non-essentials on Instagram and highlight photographers that you should look out for in this uncharted medium. For the segment’s inaugural profile, we caught up with Sam Morrison who goes by his Instagram handle SamTheCobra. A recent graduate of Syracuse University, Morrison’s daytime job as a video production manager allows him to gained an unique perspective of New York City. In addition to the Apple iPhone, Morrison also talked about his other tools of the trade and his quirky goal in life to do a backflip on every continent. He’s done five out of seven so far…

Sam Morrison
Bushwick, Brooklyn

After graduating from Syracuse University in May 2013, I moved to Brooklyn. I work as a Video Production Manager for a open source online video startup, Kaltura. My life-goal is to do a backflip on each continent (5/7 so far).

Photo Editing Tools & Software
For iPhone shots, I use SnapSeed, then Afterlight, and then SquareReady.
For DSLR shots, I use the VSCO Film 04 plug-in for Adobe LightRoom.

Photos on Instagram taken by Apple iPhone or DSLR Camera?
It depends really, some months I'll be 90% iPhone, and then others I'll be 90% DSLR. Recently it's been 90% DSLR.

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