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TSOVET Automatic Collection

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No matter how connected we are or will be in the years to come, a classic, slick watch will never go out of style. The perfect accessory to a range of outfits, an expression of your personality, and a quick way to keep on schedule, there's no better way to fill that real estate on your wrist than a good watch. If you're looking for an upgrade or even more options, check out this range of timepieces from Tsovet from their Swiss Made Automatic Collection. There are several to choose from, including the SMT-RS40, SMT-FW44, and the SMT-LS47, each with an automatic movement, stainless steel case, and an exposed back that reveals the precise inner workings. In addition to the Swiss-like dial and watch face, you have the ability to choose from a selection of watchbands to further personalize your look. Look for more angles after the jump and head to the TSOVET site to learn more.