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Ariel - Atom 3.5R

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Built with functionality in mind, British-made Ariel Atom 3.5R is not your average automobile. It combines the best of both worlds, bringing in racecar performance without any compromise at all. The result is this monster that lacks windshield, doors, roof, and anything else you would expect in a road car. Powered by supercharged 4-cylinder 2.0-liter i-Vtec engine from Honda, it produces 350 horsepower at 253 pound-feet of torque. All of this equates to 0-60 mile per hour in mere 2.5 seconds, and 100 mile per hour in 3.5 seconds. Unfortunately, Atom 3.5R will not be available on our shores, but there is plan for something similar very soon.

via: Autoblog