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Interactive Web App for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Shortcut

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Ask any desktop jockey and you'll quickly hear that those best at what they do never need their hands to leave the keyboard for the mouse. Given the number shortcuts and hotkeys, there's always a quicker way to perform your work than constantly do the keyboard-mouse tango; that is, of course, if you know where to look on the keyboard. Here in lies the problem: with so many post-production applications out there, each with their regular version updates, keyboard overlays quickly become obsolete. The mission to be the one-stop shop for all short-cuts, Waldo Bronchart puts an end to all the back and forth with an interactive web application creatively named the Application Shortcut Mapper, which is a visual shortcut and explorer of the functionality of all the big applications. Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are among the first to be mapped set-up across Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux operating systems. The entire project is Open Source and available on GitHub, which will make sure the updates and best practices are always integrated. 

via petapixel