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Shelter Co. Supply - Meriwether Canvas Tent and Accessories Collection

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It's hard enough as it is to convince your girlfriend or kids to step out for a weekend in the great outdoors, but with the introduction of Shelter Co. Supply's new Meriwether Canvas Tent line, your job just got a whole lot easier. As part of the brand's larger roll-out of camping goods and outdoor gear, the San Francisco-based company is giving us a preview of their luxury canvas tents, which are individual versions of the fully-furnished versions they usually supply for weddings, outdoor events, and music festivals. These tents are 16-feet in diameter and stand 9.5 feet tall, which is large enough to fit 4-6 adults, stow your gear, and have a bit of fun. Each tent comes with everything you need to look like you know what you're doing out in the backwoods and comes with three different base colors, including a burnt orange. Built with standards that exceed those set for water and flame resistance, you can purchase your own custom tent now directly from Shelter Co. for $1,250.