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Ducati 749 by Gustavo Penna

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The beautiful thing about this Ducati 749 by Gustavo Penna are the parts and pieces that aren't included. Penna takes the best of what a Ducati is known for and distills it down to the the essentials, not afraid to show a little skin and reveal the raw machine that truly makes a Ducati tick. Penna, a cinematographer known for his work in LA on car commercials, stripped off the fairing of the 749, trimmed, polished, and slightly restyled with powder-coating to have the mechanics match the remaining grame. Penna also swapped out the engine for the lighterweight 749R model and added in a race-spec clutch, NASA-tuned exhaust system built of titanium, and a smaller leather seat that connects directly to the bare metal tank for a more streamlined look. Penna calls his Ducati "Francesca," but you can just call us jealous. See more looks after the jump and feel free to contact Gustavo if you want to learn more about his designs.

via bikeexif