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Lamborghini Aventador "Galaxy" by DXSC

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We've seen wild and crazy before, especially on Lamborghini's, but this new Aventador is literally out of the world. Unveiled by a Vancouver-based supercar group called the Deluxe Supercar Club (or DXSC), this one-of-a-kind Aventador was dreamed up by an owner not satisfied with simply owning a stock Aventador roadster so they decided to be the first to wrap it in a galaxy print that owns the night. As if car wasn't stunning in itself, photographer Marcel Lech took things to a whole new universe with his photos, capturing its beauty under a clear, star-lit night. See more looks at the Galaxy Aventador after the jump and head to DXSC to learn more about their new full car wrapping bay at their homepage.

Photos Courtesy of Marcel Lech