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Michael Jackson's Hologram Performs and Moonwalks at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards

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On a stage set worthy of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson appeared holographically during last night’s Billboard Music Awards 2014. While there were speculations before the presentation, Jackson’s astonishing performance of his posthumous hit Slave to the Rhythm brought nearly everyone to their feet during the event in Las Vegas. A testament to the advancements in holographic technology since Tupac’s virtual appearance at the 2012 Coachella, Jackson seamlessly interacted with the ensemble of dancers and even broke out his signature moonwalk moves. In conjunction with Samoan choreography by The Talauega Brother, it took organizer Dick Clark Productions nearly six months to complete the final product. Yet, a trademark dispute and lawsuit filed by Hologram USA and Musion Das Hologram Ltd. nearly put a stop to the broadcast. Missed last night's event? You can see Jackson's historical performance in full length on video after the jump.