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Insta Profile - Jose Tutiven

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Earlier this month we launched the inaugural installment of our Insta Profile series, in which we sift through the Instagram clutter and spotlight the talented users whom you should be following now.  To close out May we get to know Jose Tutiven, a native Ecuadorian who's called New York City home since the age of 10. He characterizes living in New York as a "constant adventure," remarking that he never leaves the house without his camera. He enjoys taking pictures of all aspects of life, but his specialty is photographing his subjects "in their element," capturing who they really are.

Jose Tutiven
Bronx, New York

Photo Editing Tools & Software:
For iPhone shots, I use VSCOcam and PSExpress.
For DSLR shots, I use Lightroom

Photos on Instagram take by Apple iPhone or DSLR Camera?
Both, Use Canon 5D Mark II for High Res and use my iPhone 5.