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Lupe Fiasco and FUTURA To Join U.S. Soccer Campaign for 2014 FIFA World Cup

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In preparation for the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, U.S. Soccer is joining forces with Lupe Fiasco and FUTURA to initiate an unique send-off campaign. On board as the program’s Music Director, Fiasco will create a custom Spotify playlist for U.S Soccer with his DJ collaborative SNDCLSH. In addition, the Grammy-winning hip-hop artist will be programming in-game music score during the Send-Off Series. Best known for his love of sports, graffiti icon FUTURA will be the program’s Art Director and adds his signature script style to National Team World Cup poster and select limited edition products. Based on the theme “One Nation. One Team”, the collaborators will unveil more during the 2014 Fan Appreciation Day next Friday, May 30th, at New York City’s Times Square.