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Pharrell Williams - "Dear G I R L" | Video

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“You know sometimes you catch me starin’ at you. I know. I know,” says the omnipresent voice of Pharrell Williams. “I just can’t help it sometimes, it’s because I’m trying to figure you out.” These are words spoken directly to his inspirations – his muses – the women that permeate his life. The two minute video love letter, titled “Dear GIRL,” is the latest installment from the latest production in Pharrell’s oeuvre, G I R L, and is full of candid footage from the filming of “Marilyn Monroe.”

Flash mobs will not be incited by the release (this isn’t “Happy”), though it is an interesting look into the psyche of Pharrell – or at least a framed shot of his inner artist that he’s willing to share. Catch the video below and share your comments.

via: HypeTrak