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Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice – New Batmobile | Mock-Up

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Even though Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice won’t be in theaters till 2016, studio Warner Bros. and director Zack Snyder aren’t leaving anything to chance, including the film’s marketing aspect. Relying on the limitless reach of social media, Snyder already teased first images of Batman, his new Batmobile and the new film’s official title. That trend continues this weekend when Hollywood prop and model maker Blue Realm Studios previewed the first Batmobile mock-up. Judging from the rough outlines, it looks like Snyder will do-away with Christopher Nolan’s tank-like concept and return to a design more alike to the ones depicted in the comic book. The change on the inclusion of a turbine jet engine though Snyder will add back the vertical stabilizer and wing-like elements to the design. Aside from the obvious, little known thus far about the vehicle, that is till May 6th, 2016, when Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice hits theaters worldwide.

via: Blue Realm Studios // Dark Horizons