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La Dispute Covers Nirvana's "Polly" - A.V. Club: Pioneering Sessions | Video

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Covering tracks is a rite of passage for most bands and every few years, in an attempt to bring some unknowns into the spotlight, an influential body (label, soda brand, clothing line, etc.) will throw their own "spin" on the recurring narrative -- this go round it's the A.V. Club. The series is aptly titled "Pioneering," and the gist is this: a band ripe for press covers a coveted track from a legendary band in that legendary band's hometown, if possible at a legendary venue. La Dispute, a post-hardcore ensemble hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan, recently covered Nirvana's "Polly" at La Corazon in Seattle.

At the core it's a faithful reproduction -- there's nothing crazy going on instrumentally or vocally that will offend anyone in the throes of 90s teenage angst (or nostalgia of 90s teenage angst). Check out the cover below and an interview with La Dispute.

via Stereogum