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Deus Ex Machina Grievous Angel Motorcycle

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There just something inherently manly about motorcycles. Exposed engines, shining exhaust pipes, and the idea that you are squarely saddled on a beast beneath tied to only two wheels. Deus Ex Machina bikes, however, have been taking the image further for years and their Grievous Angel Motorcycle inspires envy with every mile. One of the custom bike maker's signature models, the design is based on the Yamaha SR400 and sports a cafe racer design with a clean and minimalist look. Gold calipers for the front and rear disk bakes, AVON Speedmaster tires, a ducktail seat, bullet fairing, and a gleaming exhaust, there's something for gear heads and collectors alike. Whether its your first bike or just another one for your pack, you'll never regret your purchase. See more angles after the jump and head to Deus to learn more.