Kanye West’s New Testament - Yeezy’s New Mystery Project Coming On June 10th


Several industry insiders and important trendsetters woke up this morning to find a gift from the just married Kanye West himself.  The “surprise”, a flyer printed with the image of Michelangelo’s David statue and emblazoned with the headline “Kanye West’s New Testament”, was devoid of an explanation or press kit. Others, like Coolhunting’s Josh Rubin, actually received handwritten postcards from West himself.  With proclamations such as "I only listen to people who are younger than me." and “This industry of what I’m trying to get into, ain’t nobody never broke down.”, the cryptic messages only deepen the mystery.

Many have speculated “New Testament” to be West’s new autobiography while others thought it to be a spoken-word album by Yeezy. However, what ever “it” will be, we’ll have to wait till its launch next Tuesday, June 10th.

via: JJ Duncan // Josh Rubin