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MegaHouse x Ghost in the Shell x Reebok Insta Pump Fury "Logicoma"

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MegaHouse first embarked on a joint venture with Reebok couple of years ago for a Ghost in the Shell-inspired Insta Pump Fury. The prior release borrowed elements from Tachicoma, a spider-like combat robot, and this time they looked another robot from the famed anime series, Logicoma. This new model was introduced in Ghost in the Shell: Arise, clad in red shell and silver body. Exterior of the kicks mimic the exterior of the four-legged robot, while original graphic is printed on the footbed. Expect to see these shoes in select Reebok accounts from Saturday, June 21, such as Styles in Tokyo.

Styles Daikanyama 11-8 Sarugaku-cho | Map Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan