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PSY - "Hangover" featuring Snoop Dogg | Video

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Is "Hangover," the collaborative effort from Korean pop sensation PSY and west coast rap icon Snoop Dogg (we're done with Snoop Lion?) the surprise team up of the year? Probably not. Is it begrudgingly catchy and entertaining -- yes. The song is literally about inebriation -- the mass consumption of alcohol and controlled substances (surprise surprise "Gin & Juice" fans) -- there are no underlying metaphors here. In typical PSY fashion the video is filled with over-the-top dancing and cartoon-like visuals; none of this will surprise the 2 billion people that have watched "Gangnam Style." At the 3:11 mark, PSY and Snoop can be seen frolicking through a carnival with two older women they picked up at a karaoke bar (a scene where you see the beer goggle effect in action). From there you're hit with the pulsating hook, more booze, more girls, and more PSY.

Check out the video, which already received 26 million views, below the fold and embrace the fact that the repetitive hook has been imprinted in your brain with no expiration date. Like what you hear? Can't resist the allure of PSY's soothing voice? Cop the single on iTunes.