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Forza Horizon 2 - E3 2014 Gameplay Trailer | Video

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Set in southern Europe, the open world of Forza Horizon 2 is three times bigger than that of its predecessor, boasting over 200 cars and featuring true open world gameplay that allows for experimentation and off-road maneuvering. Risky driving is encouraged, with a point system that rewards drifting around sharp turns and tightly weaving past fellow drivers, and the sense of danger is amplified with day/night cycles and inclement weather. Playground Games is taking full advantage of the Xbox One’s graphics power to replicate sudden rainfalls and wet patches on the pavement in great detail. Finally, multiplayer mode is now fully integrated into the game, meaning that a player driving solo can switch directly to the multiplayer mode when the mood strikes. Check out the Forza Horizon 2 E3 gameplay trailer below, and expect the title to launch September 30th for Xbox One and Xbox 360.