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New York Times - The Sneaker Comes of Age

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It's fair to say we've been obsessed with kicks for as long as we've existed online, charting the rise of the sneaker as a fetish object to be collected, to its current position as fashion runway mainstay and accepted fixture within today's workplace. But when the Grey Lady weighs in, you know that the humble sneaker has truly come of age. That is, in fact, the title of a recent piece in the New York Times' Fashion & Style section, "The Sneaker Comes of Age," which points to the "fashion baptism" of the humble sneaker. The upshot? The wall that separates dress and athletic shoes has been weakened to the point of imminent collapse. The causes are myriad -- principal among them the growth of street style blogs, as well as the simple dressing down of today's offices -- but in reality, it's mostly a matter of timing. The teens who grew up asking their parents for the newest Air Jordans are now the men who design what we're wearing. They hold editorial positions in our favorite menswear publication's masthead. They're the future CEO of the companies we work for.

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