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Insta Profile: Sam Fan: SamAlive

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Originally hailing from Taipei, Taiwan, photographer Sam Fan now calls Brooklyn home, where he captures indelible images on a daily because -- as Sam puts it -- "you never know what is going to happen next." That sense of purpose makes Sam the ideal subject of our Insta Profile series, in which we expose Instagram users you should be following now. For some people, the camera is simply used to aim and shoot. For others, it's a secondary set of eyes. Sam falls squarely in the latter category, asserting that "As long as I am still alive, I will continue to take pictures every day of my life."

Sam Fan
Bushwick, Brooklyn

Photo Editing Tools & Software:
For iPhone: Snapseed & VSCOcam
For DSLR: Photoshop Lightroom

Photos on Instagram taken by Apple iPhone or DSLR Camera?:
Half and half, but almost all DSLR posts now.