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Name: Sophia Chang
Occupation: Illustrator, Artist, Design & Homegirl from the Borough of Queens
Top: FUCT SSDD (Varsity Jacket) Vintage Queens Borough (T-Shirt)
Bottom: Tech Fleece Jogger (Pant)
Accessory: Staple x Oakley Frogskin (Sunglasses)
Footwear: Sophia Chang x PUMA Suede Classic (Sneakers)

Born, raised, and schooled in the “Borough of Hard Knocks”, illustrator and artist Sophia Chang typifies a girl from Queens. Much like her illustrations, Chang’s free spirited personality often serves as a foil to New York City’s rough and tough atmosphere. However, her reserved and even tempered appearance are also misperceptions that fittingly disguise her quick witted comments and blunt opinions, especially when it comes to good or bad designs. And like a true New Yorker, she’s constantly on-the-go, from meeting to appointment and vice versa. Take this photoshoot for example, which was done on a busy intersection of 42nd street, because it was the perfect transition point from her home in Woodside to her gym in Lower East Side. In a perpetual motion going fast forward, that would be the style of Sophia Chang.

Photography by: Sam Alive
Produced by: Dan Hwang