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Swatch Sistem51


Representing the company’s first automatic watch ever, the Swatch Sistem51 boasts an innovative self-winding movement that uses just 51 parts, spread over five separate modules and featuring a 90-hour power reserve. For many, the primary draw here will be the opportunity to wear genuine Swiss automatic movement for just $150. The price-point is achieved through a fully robotic manufacturing process in lieu of the traditional hand-crafting that makes prices so prohibitive. Additionally, the sealed body will keep the piece free of dust and moisture, while a quartet of brightly hued introductory colors should appeal to shoppers looking to accessorize. For now, the Swatch Sistem51 is available only at Swatch's Times Square store in New York. West Coasters will have to wait until July 8th for a San Francisco launch, and the rest of us will have to wait for a wider release.