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THE FOURNESS - New Fashion Label by Kazuki Kuraishi | Preview

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Famed Japanese designer Kazuki Kuraishi is known for his individual work as well as his position as Creative Director at adidas Originals and CASH CA. Kuraishi embarked on a completely new journey, his first label that will be conceptualized and executed on his own. THE FOURNESS embodies four theories by Swiss psychiatrist C.G. Jung. Therefore, the collection is an epitome of functional products that does not sacrifice high design sensibilities. It's premiere Spring/Summer 2015 collection is a good cross section of his ideas and concepts materialized for men and women. However, not all pieces were manufactured by Kuraishi, in fact he reached out to his friends at NEIGHBORHOOD, Mark McNairy Amsterdam, JAM HOME MADE, Six Eight Seven Six, and Comes and Goes to give him a lending hand. This collection is scheduled to launch in Japan, France, England, Switzerland, and Germany from next year.

via: Fashion Snap