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Priority Bicycles - Maintenance Free BIkes

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Buying a bike is no small decision. Whether it's a weekend cruiser or part of your daily grind, you need to spend the time to research exactly what you need and what you want to get out of your bike. Yes, you can buy a cheap model at your local Walmart or a Tour de France-ready carbon fiber, but the vast majority of us just want a ride that is easy on the eyes, easy to handle, and is simple to maintain. The folks at Priority Bicycles hear you and have introduced their line of models for both men and women looking for a solid commuter. Comfortable, classic in appearance with a lightweight aluminum frame, and, most importantly, the company claims it is "maintenance free." Out go the derailers, gone are the hand-brakes, and say goodbye to the greasy chain. Instead you'll find a nice three-speed internal geared hub, foot brakes, and a C-Drive chain system that won't make its mark on your pants. The icing on the cake has to be the price tag: ringing up for less than $400 right now via their Kickstarter campaign or directly via their website for $400.

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