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LEGO - "The Dark Knight" Tumbler and Figures

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Sometimes it's hard to believe that LEGO was on the brink of bankruptcy only 10 years ago. Now the Danish toy company is riding high in its brick-made throne, with a blockbuster move, a series of strong releases, and now the introduction of yet another perfectly tuned figure set. This time, the company turns their sights on the The Dark Knight franchise, debuting a LEGO take on Batman's futuristic tumbler along with mini-figurines of the caped crusader and his long-time nemesis, Joker. The design of all three stay close to the movie, with Batman keeping many of Christian Bale's characteristics and Joke matching that of Heath Ledger. The LEGO Tumbler itself comes with an armored exterior, wings, an extraordinarily detailed interior, and, of course, the iconic wheels. The set is set to debut at this year's Comic-Con convention in San Diego with wide sales kicking off in September at LEGO stores and online.