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Norton Commando Tracker By Federal Moto

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As spectacular and close to perfection as the Norton Commando may be, there is always some room for improvements. The Commando entered the competitive motorcycle market in 1967, continually amazing riders year after year, as they managed to steal the top place at the coveted Machine of the Year in Motor Cycle News for five consecutive years, from 1968 to 1972. This fine example is the work of Canadian workshop, Federal Moto, who kept the integrity and spirit of the original bike, and converted into a surf style tracker. They restored and modified this bike to be a cleaner and stripped down version of the classic motorcycle. By chopping and reengineering the rear tubing, they created a beautiful straight line from front to back. Finally, the engine was completely overhauled, cleaning and restoring old parts to give the vintage bike a new life.

via: Silodrome