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The Wall Street Journal - "The Key to Selling an $800 Sneaker"

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Last month saw the paper of record musing on the coming of age of the sneaker, and now it's the Wall Street Journal delivering a bit of exposition on the high-end sneaker segment. Specifically, the piece focuses on Buscemi, the namesake brand of Jon Buscemi that's made $800 kicks a fixture in the closets of in-the-know celebs and well-heeled sneaker connoisseurs. The former strockbroker formulated a game plan for peddling his pricey sneakers through an unexpected source:

He said he was inspired by the Hermès Birkin bag—an expensive, sought-after handbag that the French company doesn't advertise and offers only to selected customers. Mr. Buscemi and his partners said they wanted to create a sneaker-world equivalent. "I can't just walk around with a purse," said Buscemi's vice president of marketing, Rob Heppler, a streetwear blogger who was working at an ad agency when he helped hatch the plan with Mr. Buscemi, his friend.

Buscemi later remarks that "Everything in my life is about trying to be cool." Unfortunately for the customer, cool doesn't come cheap. Check out "The Key to Selling an $800 Sneaker" here.