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Flying Lotus x Adult Swim - "The Origins of Captain Murphy" | Video

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Two months from now, your earbuds will likely be pulsating with the syncopated rhythms of You’re Dead! – the forthcoming release from Los Angeles native Flying Lotus that’s slated to feature Kendrick Lamar, Herbie Hancock and Snoop Dogg. Coupled with the drop is an acid trip of a trailer from Shintaro Kago, which slightly skews towards NSFW territory (you’ve been warned). For now you’ll have to settle on a FlyLo x Adult Swim collaboration (Flashback: Adult Swim also brought Danger Doom into your lives).

In case you didn’t know, Captain Murphy is FlyLo’s animated alter ego. The video opens to a desolate Val Verde, Los Angeles that in many ways is reminiscent of a nuclear fallout zone, before flashing to FlyLo and his ragtag posse tooling around a parking lot. From here things get weird. Each character dives head first into the bizarre origins until Captain Murphy makes his skin melting appearance – complete with Stigmata.

So while you wait for You’re Dead, check out the Captain Murphy trailer below. And remember, “The most important thing is the captain’s back.”

via: Spin